Some work done with my trusty old tablet.

Sleepy Busy Planet

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Poster made for the Spring 2012 BVW festival.

Flying in Beanstalk

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Some of the flying things in Beanstalk
What else awaits young Jack or Jackie in their balance adventure?

Team Sci-Fri (Proposed Poster)

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Science Friction

Samus Aran

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Another tablet work, this time one of Nintendo’s fiercest heroines:  Samus Aran.
It’s a good thing pillbugs don’t have laser canons on their arms, I’d be slagged for sure.

Happily ever after…

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Tablet work for a wedding site.
Rachel & Carl did indeed attend.  2010 was a while back.  They’re still happily married.

Update:  They are expecting a baby!


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From a graphic design class
Love the grid/hate the grid


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With the base image of the earth and an apple core…
I ended up with this.   And the rest was Photoshop.

Grand River Academy’s Armington Hall

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Armington Hall


The administration building of where I used to teach.
Oh, the memories.  Thank goodness they are preserved in this digital format! 

Over the Hill FC

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Over the Hill FC

This logo was made for my brother’s recreational football (soccer) club in the Dallas Fort-Worth Area  The team may be upward in age, but they still play throughout the year.  ‘Ob amatus de ludum’ translates: ‘for the love of the game.’



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