Over the years I have built these with Lego construction elements.

Evangelion Unit 2

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Evangelion Unit 02

A big fan of Neon Genesis Evangelion, I had to make a Lego version.  I only saw larger scale models and wanted to make a small scale version.  The model is almost fully articulated right down to the fingers.  (Bonus:  there’s even a plug that’s accessible!)

Core, Mantle, Crust

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Not enough bricks to make a large scale and more accurate…
But enough to know what’s what and where is where.


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A widely popular mushroom among plumbers.
Providing extra lives since 1985.

King Kahuna

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Little is known about this island character…
other than he can rip a mean curl.

National Lego Contest Finals

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A timed build with random bricks/theme: Legoland CA
After advancing through tests and winning the D.C. area competition, I went on to the finals at Legoland in Carlsbad, CA.  I was one of 28 finalists from across the United States.

Brick Desk – Not mouse friendly.

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Lego Club

Made by the me with some additions by the Lego Club…
With a cameo appearance by my little tablet and mess of wires!


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