Hello, Goodbuy!

BVW Round 5: It’s Show Time!

Made for Building Virtual Worlds: Round 5, “Hello, Good Buy!” allows up to sixteen guests to log in via smart phones and play this real time strategy web-based game. Team 9 consisted of : Albert Gea:  3d Modeler/Producer Eric Hamel:  Sound Design Xiyuan (Zero) Liu: Programmer John Balash:  Texture Artist This world was selected to[…]


BVW Round 2: A Fairy Tale Ending…

Made for Building Virtual Worlds: Round 2, ”A Fairy Tale Ending…?” allows the guest to use the Microsoft Xbox 360’s Kinect platform to progress this quirky tale of heroism. World was build in 2 weeks.  Team 5 consisted of: Jingyi Feng:  3d Modeler/Producer Jason Hsu:  Sound Design Hsawn Kuang: Programmer John Balash:  Texture Artist