Work done as a graduate student in Carnegie Mellon University’s Entertainment Technology Center’s program:

Meet the Crew: Frostbyte’s Gang

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The Ice Pirate Gang

One of the types of characters you’ll bump into on the dangerous seas of Battleship Numberline!  Colored versions of the frigid pirate Frostbyte and his cold hearted crew!

STEMPOWER – A game to teach the day/night cycle

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Sleepy Busy Party

As a member of Team STEMPOWER, I was the educational designer of this prototype for DARPA’s ENGAGE program working with Carnegie Mellon University’s Human Computer Interaction’s Institute.  I was also the 2D artist and also provided all of the character designer.  My favorite character from the vast cast, you ask?  Construction Croc!


Flying in Beanstalk

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Some of the flying things in Beanstalk
What else awaits young Jack or Jackie in their balance adventure?


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Ramps Title Screen

Title Screen

Used for Team Sci-Fri’s first prototype Ramps.  Demo is available here.  From start to scratch the entire prototype was made in under a week.  Go team!

BVW Round 5: It’s Show Time!

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Hello, Goodbuy!

Made for Building Virtual Worlds: Round 5, “Hello, Good Buy!”
allows up to sixteen guests to log in via smart phones and play this real time strategy web-based game.

Team 9 consisted of :

Albert Gea:  3d Modeler/Producer
Eric Hamel:  Sound Design
Xiyuan (Zero) Liu: Programmer
John Balash:  Texture Artist

This world was selected to be in the BVW Fall 2011 Show!

Here’s the performance from the theater:

“Hello, Good Buy!” in Final Show (BVW 2011)

BVW Round 2: A Fairy Tale Ending…

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Made for Building Virtual Worlds: Round 2, ”A Fairy Tale Ending…?”
allows the guest to use the Microsoft Xbox 360’s Kinect platform to progress this quirky tale of heroism.

World was build in 2 weeks.  Team 5 consisted of:

Jingyi Feng:  3d Modeler/Producer
Jason Hsu:  Sound Design
Hsawn Kuang: Programmer
John Balash:  Texture Artist

BVW Round 1: Help a friend

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BVW Round1

Made for Building Virtual Worlds: Round 1,”What are little boys made of?”
allows the guest to use a head mounted display to help Luke (pictured left) rally courage to ask Jill (far right) to be his valentine.

World was build in 2 weeks.  Team 19 consisted of:

Albert Gea:  3d Modeler/Producer
Eric Hamel:  Sound Design
Xiyuan (Zero) Liu: Programmer
John Balash:  Texture Artist

Two video are available.  One to show the world as it is meant to be seen, and the other as the performance of the world in the Randy Pausch Interdisciplinary Studio.

World sans performance: *FRAPS is a little laggy, please bare with…

“What Are Little Boys Made Of?” (BVW 2011)

World with performance:

“What Are Little Boys Made Of?” with performance (BVW 2011)

Note the gloves in the performance.  Really fun to make and it added that extra push for a very enjoyable experience.  Go team 19!


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